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SOC 2, Free for Startups.

No games, no gimmicks. 
Step 1: Schedule your onboarding call to map your business 

Step 2: Generate your SOC 2 program in 5 minutes

Step 3: Learn how to automate SOC 2 readiness by turning on integrations
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Onboard in 5 minutes!


See why fast-growing startups use Kintent as their Trust Cloud

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    •    Consultation call to get you setup

    •    SOC 2 & NIST CSF prep

    •    AI to answer security questionnaires

    •    Public portal to share your compliance

Teal Checkmark-1Onboard in 5 min

Set up your account, tech stack, and integrations easily

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Pass compliance audits and enterprise assessments the first time

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Accelerate Sales

Use AI to answer security questionnaires

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Proactively share and promote your compliance program 


Onboard quickly in 3 easy steps.

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Tell us about your company

Describe how you currently manage security by answering a few simple questions.

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Describe your tech stack

Catalogue your cloud infrastructure services and tech stack  to set yourself up for automation across the board.

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Define your SOC 2 scope

Identify tools and services in your tech stack that store or process important data in order to get a prioritized SOC 2 plan.

Meet your Onboarding Specialists!



Kelsey Sheldon

Trust Management & Onboarding Specialist




Sami Marino

Trust Management & Onboarding Specialist




Gary Chan

Product Management & Onboarding Specialist




"[The onboarding] was really good. I enjoyed it. Pretty quick. I know all I needed - I had some expectations, and they were clearly met."

Legal-Tech Startup

"[Vanta and Drata] were more in line with a traditional sales call which included a qualifying call, understanding budget constraints, and ending with an enticing quote and a limited time offer. With Kintent, the onboarding felt engrained in the startup way - here's the product, here's what we are doing, take it and enjoy it."


Legal-Tech Startup

"This is easy to do. Very powerful. Look forward to getting my hands dirty in the product."

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Analytics Startup

"[The onboarding] was good and pretty easy. The other competitors are doing sales calls. Kintent's onboarding call is unique in the way that's not a sales call."

IoT Platform

"The onboarding is good, very good. Kintent answered most of my questions. [SOC 2] is a daunting task and not fun, but we are very serious in achieving SOC 2. Kintent has been very helpful."

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IT Consulting Firm


Free for startups

For teams that need additional security, control, and support.

  • SOC 2 Type 1 / Type 2 audit readiness
  • NIST-CSF audit readiness
  • Testing and evidence integrations
  • Employee policy attestation, onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Automated risk register
  • Real-time, auto-generated trust portal
  • AI to answer 5 security questionnaires

"We went from zero compliance to passing the audit in something like 10 days." 

James Scheffler, Head of Security
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Why is it free? 
Because historically, it has cost startups thousands of dollars to get a compliance program off the ground. We've decided to change that. Our business model rely on more mature businesses. Giving away to startups is the right thing to do.
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How long does Onboarding take?
In 5 minutes, you will get your SOC 2 plan in place. It typically takes 6 weeks to 3 months to get audit-ready. You can cut this time in half by inviting your team to Trust Cloud.
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What should I prep before onboarding?
You'll need a list of your business's SaaS tools. If you don't know your tech stack, that's ok! You can invite your team to add the tools they use. Kintent will have only read metadata about the configuration settings for your tools like AWS, Google, or Okta so that we can validate and generate evidence for your compliance program automatically.
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Do you have auditors that you recommend? 
Yes, we work with multiple audit firms and will ensure you have the best experience possible throughout your audit and after. 
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How will this help my team?
Many startups tried to manage their compliance manually using spreadsheets and consultants, which is painful, expensive, and time-consuming. With Kintent, you can automate up to 80% of tools and processes - including evidence collection and workflows - all for free.